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    Open all year by appointment only

    Bonfire Season Opening Hours 10am - 6pm

    Mon 15th Oct to 10th Nov 2018

    New Year Season Opening Hours 10am - 6pm

    27th Dec to 31st Dec 2018


    We are no ordinary firework shop! for 18 years now we have been supplying Barnsley, Yorkshire and 4 corners of the UK with the finest quality fireworks from all the premier brands. we have seen dozens of self proclaimed experts who have rented shops declaring better products, and cheaper prices, usually we see one or two each year, and many have predicted our decline and demise, but here we are, stronger than ever, and where are they now! 

    Its only because we work hard to remain at the top of our game, investing time, effort and money to allow us to bring you the best products with the most amazing effects, combined with uncompromising safety and value for money, dont be looking with envy over the fence this year, LIGHT UP THE SKY WITH THE FIREWORKGUY!

    Monday 15th October

    Trade Display Deadline

    Its finally firework Season

    The Underground Bunker,

    92 Grange Lane (Rear of),

    Cundy Cross,

    Barnsley, S. Yorks, S71 5QQ


    Call  -  0794 007 4044


    Email  -  pyro@fireworkguy.co.uk

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    Orders and deposit must be recieved by 19th Oct for maximum discount!